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Should You Install a Commercial Boiler for Your Business?

In Sweeny TX, commercial boilers can be a viable option for keeping your business toasty and comfortable during the cold winter months. No one likes working in a chilly office, and if paying customers visit your place of business, you want them to be warm and comfortable as well. A viable heating system is an absolute must, but should you install a commercial boiler for your business? Or would another option suit you better?

Commercial boilers eschew the “modular HVAC” model of forced air furnaces. Those unis tend to work well in modular settings; for instance, if you have an office building with multiple businesses. Boilers, on the other hand, work well in places where your heating needs are more or less fixed and you have a very god idea of exactly how much heat you’ll need. This can include such businesses as hotels, restaurants, libraries, stand-alone stores and anywhere where your business doesn’t share the space with any other occupants.

A boiler system runs pipes and radiators through the building, then uses heated water running through that system to warm the building. Because it uses radiant heat instead of forced air, it might prove a better fit for certain types of businesses that don’t need a draft or breeze. It can also prove a viable option if the building in question has an existing air conditioning system without an attendant heating system – not uncommon in a warm climate like Texas – and you need some means of installing a new heating system that doesn’t make the AC unit obsolete.

Whatever the specifics, it benefits you if you speak to an expert: someone who knows the needs of commercial and business heating, not just residential heating. Providing commercial heating services in Sweeny are Switzerland Air’s area of expertise. We understand the specific needs of the business community and can make strong recommendations on the heating system that works best for yours. Pick up the phone and give us a call to make an appointment today. We’ll discuss your options with you and help you set up an installation that works!

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