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The Signs That Your AC Is Suffering

When you imagined the year 2021 while you were growing up, we’re sure that you imagined flying cars, robot butlers, and maybe even your home being able to talk to you. While we have made some strides in this direction with your home (smartphones, tablets, and thermostats) we’re not all the way there yet. We’re not quite at the point where your air conditioner can reach out, tap you on the shoulder, and tell you what’s wrong with it. You’re in luck though because one of our technicians can.

Our technicians are experts in HVAC in Freeport, TX. Don’t let your air conditioner suffer all summer. This is going to result in repairs and other major issues. We’re prepared to help you get exactly what you need to stay cool.

Your AC Needs Help If…

These are a few clear signs that your air conditioner needs help.

You’re Already Not Cool Enough

It’s spring in Freeport. Yes, the temperatures are warming up and you might need to use your air conditioner every once in a while. We’re definitely not at the time of year where the heat is so hot that it should put up a test for your air conditioner. If you’re struggling already, you’re going to notice that you struggle even more later on. We suggest that you take the time to fix it now. Procrastination costs you when it comes to HVAC.

You’re Paying Way Too Much

You haven’t even used your air conditioner that often so far this spring and, yet, the bill is sky high. If you can’t explain this bill with increased use, then the culprit is a decline in efficiency. We want to address this for you sooner than later. Paying far too much for your air conditioning will only worsen with time. This increase is your AC’s version of a cry for help!

Your Unit Has Picked Up Some New Tricks

Your unit now makes a weird clicking noise while it operates, emits a foul odor, and has even started making a banging noise as well. Any new habit that your air conditioner picks up is a bad one. Your AC unit is a machine that should be consistent. Any new habits it has picked up are bound to be bad news.

There Are Steep Temperature Disparities

There are natural temperature disparities within a home. Smaller rooms, rooms with more natural lighting, and rooms on your second floor heat up faster. You might notice small temperature inconsistencies because of this. The keyword here is small. If walking from one room to another feels like you’re entering and exiting a home, then your AC is suffering.

The AC Has Low Airflow

When you turn on your air conditioner, you know that it’s going to stay on for a while. You also know that you need to turn down your thermostat to a freezing temperature to get cool. Both of these habits are a bad omen. They’re also ways that you’re overcompensating for bad service from your air conditioner. We know an adjustment of temperature or a longer run time might not seem like an excessive strain. Even if it’s not a strain you’re experiencing firsthand, it’s something that your wallet is going to feel the strain of.

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