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Steps to Take Before Calling for Heating Repair

If you’ve noticed problems with your heating system as we near the end of winter in Freeport, TX, you may be ready to call for repairs so you don’t have to wait until next year. You are encouraged to tackle issues as soon as possible to avoid bigger problems later. However, sometimes the issue could be far simpler to solve than a repair call justifies. Before calling for heating repair, check out the steps below to see if there is a simple explanation.

Check the Thermostat

Think of your thermostat as the heart of your heating system. If something is amiss with your thermostat, naturally it’s going to affect your system’s functionality. Check your thermostat’s display. Did someone else in your home adjust it without your knowing? Are the settings displaying correctly?

Check the Pilot Light

Pilot lights go out more often than you may imagine. This is due to their vulnerability to air currents. If your pilot light is out, try to re-light it. If it continues to go out then you may have a problem with your thermocouple: the heat sensor that opens and closes the gas valve feeding the pilot light. If this is the case then you will need a professional to check it out.

Check the Breaker Box

Even if you have a gas furnace, the system still uses electrical components that must be properly powered for the system to run. This includes the motor that runs the fan, and in more modern furnaces it includes the ignition.

So When Should I Call for Repairs?

If you’ve checked the above factors and are still having problems with your heating system, it may be time to give us a call. We’ve listed a few other signs that could indicate trouble with your heating system below.

  • Your furnace is making unnatural noises.
  • Your electrical bills have increased dramatically.
  • Your pilot light is yellow.
  • Your furnace struggles to turn on and stay on.
  • Your indoor air quality is decreasing.
  • You notice frequent condensation.

Call Switzerland Air Conditioning today to learn more about our heating repair service and to schedule an appointment.


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