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Subtle Upgrades That Have a Major Effect on Your AC

air-conditioner-condenser-3D-renderAs the temperatures keep getting higher, you will rely more on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. Few things compare to the sudden and heavenly blast of cold air you get when you come back home after a long and tiring day in the boiling hot Texas sun.

Did you know that there are subtle ways you can upgrade your air conditioning to improve its comfort, convenience, and the overall benefits it brings?

We’ll tell you about some of the subtle upgrades to your air conditioning in Freeport, TX, that can help you get the best out of your cooling system.

 1. Upgrade the thermostat

Most homeowners never bother doing anything about their old thermostat when they buy a new air conditioning system. If you are still using an old thermostat with sliders and dials that doesn’t offer any programming options, you miss out on a lot. Investing money in upgrading a thermostat to get a modern unit with programmable settings and Wi-Fi connectivity can help you get more out of your air conditioning system.

You can set a schedule on the thermostat so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to turn off the air conditioner. You can even use an app on your phone to turn on the air conditioner before you get home so that you don’t have to wait for your home to become cool and comfortable long after you get home.

2. Add zone control

Investing in an upgrade to add zone control for your air conditioning system can work wonders for you. It can let you change the temperature in one area of the house without affecting the temperature throughout the house.

Suppose that you spend most of your time during the day in the living room and go to the bedroom only when you go to sleep. You can use zone control to make sure that the air conditioning system only cools those two areas. It can reduce your energy bills by becoming more energy efficient.

3. Consider investing in IAQ services

Your air conditioning system comes with an air filter designed to block any dirt, dust, and debris from getting into your house from outdoors. The standard air filter does a good job of eliminating many of the particles that would otherwise circulate throughout the house. However, these filters are not necessarily going to improve indoor air quality.

Investing in indoor air quality services from experienced professionals can help you enjoy far superior indoor air quality. Investing in additional air filtration or an air purifier can reduce the allergens that slip through standard air conditioner filters and make indoor air much safer for you and your family.

Get the Upgrades Your Air Conditioner Needs

When you combine these subtle air conditioning upgrades with regular maintenance and tune-ups, you can get a much longer life out of your air conditioner. The unit can work more efficiently to provide you with the much-needed cooling for your home in Freeport, TX. Besides making your home cooler, these upgrades can significantly reduce the running costs for the air conditioner, and they can improve the indoor air quality for healthier indoor air.

If you are looking to get these upgrades for your air conditioner, our team of professionals at Switzerland Air is more than happy to help.

Contact Switzerland Air for your air conditioning services this summer.

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