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Here’s How to Get the Most From Your Heater This Winter

Monday, January 14th, 2019

Nice blue cottage. With spruce, clouds, and snowAre your heating bills a little too high this winter? This is a common problem here in Texas. We don’t necessarily experience the coldest possible winters across the nation, but we do sometimes have quite cold temperatures here. When your heater is battling against these low temperatures to keep your home comfortable, it’s common to run into high bills.

Luckily, we can help you avoid these problems. When you need heater service in Freeport, TX then make sure you contact Switzerland Air. We work alongside all the best brands like Aprilaire and Daikin and all our technicians are NATE-certified and extensively trained. Make sure you choose our team.

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Why You Should Consult a Professional Before Installing an Air Filter

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Indoor air quality is a big deal in maintaining your quality of life, even if you don’t think about it all that often. All sorts of airborne contaminants are commonly found in a home’s air, including dust, dirt, germs, mold spores, dander, and pollen. These different pollutants can cause illness, allergy attacks, and all sorts of other health issues. The best way to address these contaminants is to install an air purifier, and the most common type of purifier is the air filter. You can’t just pop an air filter into any given home and expect it to work, though. Read on to find out why you should consult a professional before installing an air filter.

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You Need Professionals to Install Air Filters: Here’s Why

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

So, you’ve probably heard that your air filter serves a vital purpose in your heating and air conditioning systems. You’ve probably also heard that you should have your air filter changed at least once a month, and that it’s pretty easy to do. So why would we suggest that you need a professional to do it for you? Well, for one, your air filter probably doesn’t do what you think it does. For another, proper air filter installation can be a bit more complicated than you think.

Air Filter vs. Air Filtration System

It’s fairly common knowledge that the air filter in a forced air system is there to protect the system from dust particles and other contaminants that can enter the unit and cause problems. The assumption that often accompanies this is that the air filter protects the occupants of a home from contaminants, as well. This is actually not true. The air filter commonly included forced air systems is designed to protect the system from dust and overheating, but that’s it.

An air filtration system, on the other hand, is a different type of air filter that is explicitly designed to increase air quality in the home. This kind of air filter is not present in all forced air systems, and will need to be installed. In some cases, especially with older systems, this will require altering the structure to allow the new air filter to be installed. Professional knowledge of this process is more or less required to ensure that it works properly.

The Right Filter for the Job

All air filters have a MERV rating that indicates their effectiveness in filtering. If you go shopping for an air filter, you may be tempted to choose the one that has the highest MERV rating. That would be the one that filters the best, right? Technically, yes. The problem is that your forced air system is not necessarily designed to handle a MERV rating that high. If you install an air filter with a MERV rating too high for your system, it can actually cause problems like restricting air flow and trapping heat. It is very important that you only select air filters which fit the needs and design of your system.

If you’re interested in installing an air filtration system, call Switzerland Air and schedule an appointment. We install air filters throughout Angleton, TX.

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3 Ways Air Filters Help Your Home

Friday, June 27th, 2014

When the weather gets as hot as it does in Brazoria, TX during the summer, the air quality can decrease. Heat and humidity tend to trap particles, so with the heavy weight of humid air comes the added discomfort of air that isn’t as healthy as it could be. Unfortunately, the particles in the outside air in make their way indoors, affecting the air of the indoor spaces of your property. The standard air filter of your HVAC system was not made to catch these smaller particles. To truly improve indoor air quality in your home, it is best to use a high-efficiency air filter for your air conditioning system in Brazoria, TX. For many years, Switzerland Air has helped improve the indoor air of many homes in Brazoria using air filters, and we can do the same for you.

Why Install a Whole-Home Air Filter?

A whole-home air filter works in concert with your air conditioner by becoming part of the system. While stand-alone air filters have to be placed room-by-room, a whole-home air filter is installed as part of your overall air conditioning system, providing air-cleaning benefits to your entire property at once. Here are a few other reasons why you may want to consider installing a whole-home air filter to your air conditioner:

Helps Allergy Sufferers

Pollen, pet dander, mold, mildew and dust mites are just some of the allergens that can burden the allergy sufferers in your home. Medication certainly helps with allergic reactions, but to truly find relief from allergies, a reduction in allergens is required. The standard filter your air conditioner comes with is not made to capture the small particles of allergens; rather, its job is to block dust and dirt from entering the system. A high-efficiency air filter is made to screen out the small particulates so they stop circulating throughout your home.

Helps with Respiratory Issues

Many times, people with allergies also have asthma, and their asthma can be triggered by allergic reactions. Others, like those with COPD, can be triggered by dust and poor indoor air quality. Even if no one suffers from a specific respiratory illness, coughing, wheezing and difficult breathing are all symptoms of poor indoor air quality. But, you can find relief from respiratory difficulties with a whole-home air filter. By removing the particles in the air that can trigger a respiratory reaction, you help reduce the inflammation in your lungs that can lead to coughing and attacks.

Less Strain on Your System

Adding a high-efficiency air filter to your system provides another layer of filtering that removes dust and dirt from your air conditioner. Cleaner air in your system means better efficiency and better performance, two things that help reduce the daily working stress on your air conditioning system.

Ready to Clear the Air?

A whole-home air filter not only cleans the air you breathe, it can help improve health and the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Why wait for your next allergy attack? Call Switzerland Air today and speak to one of our experts about installing a whole-home air filter to your air conditioner in Brazoria.

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Why You Should Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Friday, March 28th, 2014

Air filters are a common part of any HVAC system. As air passes through the system the filter removes dust, dirt, pet hair and other contaminants before they can either interfere with the functioning of the unit or decrease the quality of air in your home. Here in Angleton TX, air filters are especially necessary because of our high humidity levels, which increase the amount of pollen seeds and similar allergens in the air. It’s usually beneficial to change out your air filters fairly often in order to keep them functioning at their best and improve your indoor air quality. Here’s a few quick reasons why you should change your air filters regularly.

The best and most important is also the most obvious. Air filters will get clogged up with dirt and debris over time, and the more time they work, the more debris will clog up their surface. That in turn will reduce its effectiveness considerably, since additional contaminants will get through more easily and make mischief within your heating and cooling system. That results in greater wear and tear on the system and an increased risk of a more serious breakdown. In addition, it lowers the quality of air in your household if you don’t swap out the used filter with a fresh one. You may feel increased irritation in the nose and throat, furniture will become dusty more quickly and family members with allergies may suffer from an increase in the severity of their attacks.

Standard air filters are designed to be swapped out regularly, and without needing to call a repair technician. You should do so at least once every few months, and more often if you have sensitive family members or a lot of pets in your household. You might also consider an electric air filter, which can be much more efficient than standard filters. For more on why you should change your air filters regularly, or to discuss an upgrade in your filters, the experts at Switzerland Air are here to help. Our experts are trained in filter installation, replacement, and other HVAC system services in Angleton. We can go over your options with you in a thorough and professional manner! Give us a call today to set up a service appointment.

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