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The Heating Season is Approaching: Is Your System Ready?

When winter rolls around, you need to have a heater installed in your home that you can depend upon for responsive and effective service. It is absolutely critical that your heating system be installed and serviced by a professional so that it gives you years of excellent service. There is simply no other way to be confident that your heater is ready for winter. During this period before the heating season begins in earnest, it’s beneficial to determine the status of your heater: does it work properly? are there any issues? is it efficient? Such questions should be taken seriously so that you are well prepared this heating season. At Switzerland Air, we offer excellent heating services in Angleton, TX, including preseason maintenance tune-ups.

If you own a heat pump, then your heater endures year-round wear and tear as it has to combat both the heat and the cold. This type of system requires more attention than a split central air/furnace setup. At the end of a long cooling season, it’s a great idea to have your heat pump inspected, cleaned and adjusted by a professional so that it is ready to switch over to heating when that first cold snap arrives. Keep an ear out for signs that your heat pump is not working properly, such as any strange or loud sounds. If you notice that your energy bills have risen, that can also be an indication that your heat pump has become inefficient for some reason.

Remember to change the air filter. This is an important consideration for owners of forced-air distribution system, whether central AC, gas furnace, or heat pump. Over time, your air filter accumulates a significant amount of dust, dirt, pollen, dander and other debris. When it gets clogged, it can actually lead to higher energy expenditure and airflow problems as your heater struggles to push your heated air past the debris. By keeping your air filter clean at all times, you can avoid any unnecessary wear and tear or potential damage that this can incur.

Call Switzerland Air today for excellent heating services in Angleton, TX. We can make sure that your heater is in good hands.

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