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The Time is Right for a Super AC Tune-Up

Taking care of your AC throughout its service life is incredibly important. Because our air conditioners tend to get a workout here in the greater Lake Jackson area, you need to make certain that your system is thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and tuned-up. While you may be proficient at changing your own air filters, that doesn’t really qualify as maintenance or as a tune-up. So what’s involved in a professional air conditioning maintenance service? Let’s have a look at the basics.

Thorough Inspection

It’s imperative that your AC be regularly inspected in order to look for any signs of damage. While many AC problems will make themselves known by inefficiency, loud noises, and other problems, most start out incredibly small. Really the only way that such issues can be discovered is with routine maintenance. This is a great way to prevent problems from spiraling out of control.

Clean Up the Mess

The cleanliness of HVAC systems varies quite a bit according to the region, climate, age and use, not to mention the location of the unit on the property itself. During a tune-up, the most important parts of your system will receive a thorough cleaning. Of these, perhaps keeping your evaporator coil free of dirt and other debris is the most important. Many common AC problem begin here.

Keep your Machine Tuned-Up

By checking the refrigerant levels and electrical voltage, among other tasks, a professional maintenance service will ensure that your system has exactly what it needs to provide you with bountiful cooling day-in and day-out during the summer months.

Currently, we’re running a special which cuts our normal rate for a Super AC Tune-Up nearly in half. For just $69, you get a 15-point inspection as well as a guarantee that your home comfort system has been properly maintained. Don’t wait until the summer’s over to take advantage of professional air conditioning maintenance. Call Switzerland Air now!

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