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Now Is the Time for AC Maintenance

We’re getting closer and closer to summer. The weather is only going to get warmer over the next few months. Now is the time to make sure that your home is ready to deal with the summer season, and a big part of that is getting your air conditioner into good shape. If you want to make sure that your air conditioner is in top condition for the next few months, schedule preventive maintenance within the next few weeks.

Why Spot Treatments Are Less Than Ideal

A lot of people think they’re being thrifty if they wait to call for repairs until there’s a definite sign of a problem with their air conditioner. That’s actually a pretty great way to make sure that you spend more on your air conditioner over its lifespan. The longer an air conditioning problem is allowed to develop, the more damage it is capable of doing to the system and the greater the chances of the entire air conditioner breaking down.

If you want to limit the damage a problem can do to your air conditioner, you have to catch it as early as possible. Most air conditioning issues don’t give off any warning signs until much later, so the best way to catch them early is to look for them proactively. That’s what air conditioning maintenance is for. During a preventive maintenance appointment, your technician will closely examine your air conditioner for any signs of a problem. This makes it much easier to isolate and solve issues with the system before they can get out of hand. Annual preventive maintenance can rack up quite a bit of savings on repair costs over the years, and extend the effective lifespan of your air conditioning system.

Spring Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling preventive maintenance once a year is good, but if you want to reap the maximum benefit from it you need to schedule it during spring. Summer is when the air conditioner accumulates the most wear and tear, due to the increased demand on the system. This makes summer the time when your air conditioner is most likely to develop problems.

If you want to protect your air conditioner, therefore, you should schedule maintenance during the spring. This will ensure that your system is in top shape to deal with the added demands of summer, drastically decreasing the likelihood of a problem developing with the system.

Problems may still crop up between maintenance appointments, for any number of reasons. However, your system will still be much healthier overall with annual spring maintenance appointments. Even if you miss the spring window for preventive maintenance, you should still schedule it at least once a year. It’s far better for your system to receive it late, then not to receive it at all.

If you need to schedule preventive maintenance services for your air conditioner, contact us today for an appointment. With our help, your air conditioner will be in ideal condition for summer.

Switzerland Air offers a full range of air conditioning maintenance services in Angleton, TX.

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