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Understanding the Importance of Ductwork in Your Home

If your home uses a forced-air heater and air conditioner (which the majority of homes in the U.S. do), then it will also have a network of ducts to distribute the conditioned air to the registers in rooms throughout the house. Because most of the ductwork in a home remains hidden behind the walls and floorboards, it’s easy to underestimate how important the ducts are for the efficiency and effectiveness of your heater and air conditioner, and for the quality of the air in your home.

You will occasionally need professional ductwork services in Brazoria, TX and other parts of Southern Brazoria County. Our indoor air quality specialists at Switzerland Air offer duct sealing, repair, and replacement that will make sure that your ductwork is in the best shape to benefit your heating and air conditioning and maintain excellent circulation of air.

The Important Aspects of Ductwork

There are good reasons why you need to have experts work on your ducts: improper sizing, placement, and repairs can have a severe effect on your comfort and your budget.

Ducts must be the right size for the volume of air that moves through them. Amateur duct design and replacement can end up providing you with ductwork that is too large or too small. Ducts that are too large will lower air pressure and cause weak airflow from the vents. Ducts that are too small will restrict airflow to the point that it can damage the heater and air conditioner. Undersized ducts will also make excessive noise as air rattles through them.

Placement is also key for ducts. Inferior placement or a house that has outdated designs are two of the main reasons that homeowners seek out professionals to replace their ductwork. If ducts open up in the wrong spot in rooms (such as an AC vent low to the floor), it can mean inferior heating and cooling. It’s often necessary to place new ducts when an air conditioner is added onto a ventilation system that only previously distributed heated air.

Finally, ducts must stay in good repair, free from leaking and gaps, or else they will result in a plunge in comfort and an escalation in costs. As air escapes through the holes, it lowers the air pressure and places a larger strain on the system. The best way to repair ducts is to hire professional duct sealers to locate the gaps in the ventilation system and close them up so they stay closed.

Call on Ductwork Service Professionals

If you have trouble with your HVAC systems that you think originate with the ducts, call on our team at Switzerland Air. We are NATE-certified and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can trust us with your ductwork in Brazoria, TX.

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