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Watch for These Heat Pump Problems

We’re getting into the heating season, which means you’re probably already using your heat pump to keep warm more often. As you rely on your system with greater frequency, the amount of wear and tear it accumulates will increase. This will make it more likely for problems to occur in the system. If you want to keep your heater in good condition, make sure that you catch any problems with it as early as possible. Below are some of the signs your heat pump needs repairs.

Strange Noises

Odd noises are one of the easiest ways to detect that you have a problem with your heat pump. Grinding sounds could indicate a problem with the air handler. Bubbling and gurgling sounds indicate air bubbles in the refrigerant or condensate line. If you hear any noises coming from the heat pump that you haven’t heard before, call a professional to look at it, just in case.

Drop in Output

If your heat pump is not heating as much as it should be, the problem is likely a leak in its refrigerant line. A heat pump system relies on refrigerant in order to function properly, evaporating and condensing it to move heat from one place to another. If a leak develops in the refrigerant line, it will drain the system of refrigerant over time. This will cause the output of the system to drop, and eventually create other issues like breakdowns. If you notice fluid dripping from your heat pump, especially if it’s accompanied by a decline in system output, don’t ignore it! Call for repairs right away.

Switzerland Air provides a full range of heat pump repair services throughout Brazoria, TX. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert heating technicians. We’ll make sure that your home stays warm and comfortable.

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