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Watch Out for These AC Problems This Spring

air-conditioner-installationThere are so many things to look forward to in spring—the flowers start to bloom, the weather heats up, and you can take the opportunity to tidy up your home. The only downside of spring is that the warm weather can really take a toll on your air conditioning unit. This is especially true if you’ve previously had trouble with your air conditioning system last summer.

The good thing about these problems is that these things are preventable. All you need to do is schedule great services for your air conditioning in Lake Jackson, TX. We’re the best team to choose when you’re looking for great air conditioning services in Texas. Don’t skimp out on your air conditioning services—you know just how hot it gets here. Make sure you’re prepared for the high temperatures!

Common Spring AC Problems

Here are a few problems we see a lot of when spring rolls around:

  • Leaking Outdoor Units: A common problem you’ll see when your air conditioner is on the decline is refrigerant leaking from the outdoor unit. Watch out for these signs: ice along the indoor coils, hissing noises, or decreased airflow. Even if your refrigerant isn’t leaking yet these are all signs that this problem is right on the horizon. Sometimes, your air conditioner corrodes during winter and causes your refrigerant to leak in spring. Our technicians will seal the leaks and recharge the refrigerant in no time.
  • Hard Starting: Maybe you’ve heard of short cycling but… what in the world is hard starting? Well, “hard starting” is when your air conditioner seems like it is struggling to turn on. When your air conditioner hard starts it drastically drains your energy. There are various factors that can cause hard starting but most of them stem from the capacitor. It’s a great idea to contact a professional for these services.
  • Dirty Coils: If you’re going to pay attention to one part of your air conditioning system, then it should be the coils. The coils become dirty because they’re exposed to the elements. Everything from dirt, grime, grass clippings, and leaves can clog up your unit and affect the overall function of your air conditioning system. While both of the coils are complex, the indoor coil is especially convoluted so make sure that you contact a professional for a thorough cleaning.

What You Can Do About These Issues

When your air conditioner starts to go south there’s really only one thing you can do, and that’s to call a professional to service the AC. You should never try to service your air conditioner on your own, it’s a common but an extremely erroneous step. If the reason that you’re hesitant to call for repair services is because of the looming price tag, make sure you come to our team at Switzerland Air. Our services are high-quality, fair-priced, and you’ll never have to worry about our technicians up-selling you. We get the job done right!

There are a lot of air conditioning problems that you can run into this spring. Make sure that you prepare your unit for the warm weather. Contact Switzerland Air today to schedule an appointment.

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