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What Are Rooftop Package Units?

Here in West Columbia TX, commercial package units are a means of keeping your business comfortable for employees and customers alike. HVAC systems in such circumstances differ considerable from residential systems, and it pays to be aware of them when you decide in the right HVAC system for your business. What are rooftop package units? The answers can be found below.

“Packaged units” refers to the fact that there are multiple HVAC units used in any business system. Business HVAC needs to be flexible and easy to install. Each HVAC unit can support a certain amount of square footage. If you need more, you simply add another unit. If you need less, you can have an existing unit removed. That flexibility allows you to make smart decisions regarding your business, and handle only the amount of air conditioning that you need.

The rooftop placement is what makes that possible. By placing the units on the roof, you can not only tailor the system to fit your specific needs – dividing the ductwork up between separate occupants of the building, for instance – but because you don’t need to allocate any additional square footage to the units, you have a tremendous amount of flexibility in how you use them. Rooftop package units are durable and weather resistant, able to keep functioning whether it; in the pounding rain or the harsh Texas sun. They’re easy to install – most can be set up within a single working day or two – and their durability means that you can rely on them year in and year out.

If you need more information on rooftop package units, including maintenance and repair plans, then call on the West Columbia, TX commercial package unit experts at Switzerland Air to help. We serve business throughout West Columbia, commercial package units are a specialty of ours, and we can discuss all of your options with you perform beginning installation. A comfortable environment is vital to the success of your business: your employees will be happier in their work and your customers will want to come back. Give us a call today and let us help!

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