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What Are the Advantages of a Furnace when Compared to a Boiler?

Are you stuck now between two choices for your home heating? Has it come down to either a furnace or a boiler? It’s a tough decision to make, we’ll admit that. Both types have heated homes for over a hundred years (and furnaces much longer than that) and remain popular to this day because of technological advances that keep them competitive.

The choice shouldn’t drive you into a straitjacket however—if you have the assistance of professionals in HVAC installation. Switzerland Air can help you make the right selection of heater for your home. And whether you go for a boiler or a furnace in Angleton, TX, we can handle the installation so you get the most from your new system.

Furnace Advantages

If you’ve done some research into the “furnace-or-boiler?” question, you may find yourself already leaning toward the boiler because of its quiet operation, low repair needs, and long service life. Boilers do offer all of these, but don’t count out furnaces yet. Here are some of a furnace’s advantages:

Flexibility: Furnaces come in many different models and sizes that can run from a variety of fuel types. It’s rare that we can’t find a furnace that will ideally suit a home. No matter how you get power for your house, there’s probably a furnace that will work for it.

Hook to existing ducts: Boilers don’t use ductwork to circulate heat, which means they provide cleaner warmth. However, if your home already has ductwork installed, then you can hook a new furnace up easily without the need to install extra pipes, radiators, and baseboard heaters for a boiler.

Smaller size: Part of a furnace’s flexibility is how small most of the units—even the powerful ones—are. Boilers require large tanks of hot water, while furnaces take up much less space.

Faster heating: Because boilers need to heat up a full water tank each time you need warmth, it can take them a while before they start providing comfort. Furnaces, on the other hand, work almost immediately at bringing you heat as soon as they come on.

Make the right choice with expert assistance

Every home has different needs for heating. The question of “furnace-or-boiler?” can only be effectively answered with the help from people trained to figure out your home’s heating requirements. Contact Switzerland Air today to get started with finding out if a furnace in Angleton, TX will help you through the coming winter.

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