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What Does Energy Star Mean?

When you look at your home appliances or air conditioning system, you may notice a little blue sticker with “Energy Star” on it. What does it mean, and how do appliances with the Energy Star label differ from those that don’t? The short answer is that Energy Star appliances are more efficient and use less energy than comparable appliances without the Energy Star label. The EPA established the program as a way of reducing energy consumption and promoting businesses that practice energy efficiency. That can prove important in places like Angleton, TX, where air conditioning bills can soar during those hot summer months.

The Energy Star program was first established in 1992, as a voluntary program. Products that met certain conditions would gain the label and thus mark themselves as more energy efficient to consumers. The exact conditions vary by product type, but all of them must significantly reduce energy. Air conditioning systems hoping to earn the sticker must feature a 14.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating for split systems and a 14 SEER rating for single package equipment.

That benefits not only the environment, but consumers as well. Products with the Energy Star label must still offer the same features and reliability that products without the label offer, only with improved energy efficiency to boot. If they cost more than a comparable product without the label, they must be able to save the buyer enough in reduced energy bills to recoup their investment after a given period of time. The technology involved must also be widely available, so that companies can compete for consumer’s business rather than monopolizing the resulting energy efficiency.

All of that is a lengthy way of saying that products with the Energy Star label can save you money on your electric bills, provided you use with the same regularity that you used a unit without the label. If you think you need to install a new air conditioning system in your home, consider one with the Energy Star label. Switzerland Air Conditioning provides air conditioning services in the Angleton, TX area. We can provide sound advice on the best system for you, then install it with promptness and professionalism. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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