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What Should I Expect with My New Boiler?

Boilers are among the best options for getting quality and energy-efficient heat for your home. Although boilers rarely “boil” anything any more (the earliest models boiled water to create steam, which was where they got their name), they have advanced with the times to remain popular across the country for keeping back the winter weather.

What makes boilers such perennials in the HVAC world? The best way to explain is to tell you what exactly you can expect when you get a new boiler installation in Brazoria, TX. Contact Switzerland Air when you’re interested in getting a new boiler; heating services are a specialty of ours and we can help guide your through the process from picking the unit to installing and maintaining it.

Fewer repairs

Because boiler have only a small number moving parts, unlike furnaces, they do not suffer as much of the wear and tear that will eventually require repairs. You can expect to spend much less getting your boiler serviced than you would with other systems.

An extended lifespan

At the moment, there are few heaters that can match a boiler for longevity. If you take care of the few repair needs that will crop up, and enroll in a regular maintenance program that will keep your heating system operating in top shape, you can expect a boiler to last for many years. Most boilers exceed their estimated lifespan—provided they receive excellent, professional care.

Clean heating

It’s something that people often don’t consider, but getting warmth from a forced-air system like a furnace can have a potentially negative effect on air quality. Ductwork naturally picks up dust and dirt, which a furnace’s fans will then blow into your home. But boilers do not use air or any kind of ducts to provide heat. They use hydronic power—hot water circulated through pipes to end points like floorboards and radiators—to provide warmth. You can expect cleaner air (which is especially important if there are people in your house with allergies) from your new boiler.

Keep in mind that boilers may not be perfect for every home. It’s always best to seek the advice of HVAC professional before you make a choice about a new home heating system. The professionals will calculate how much heat your home needs and find the right system at the right size to give you quality warmth throughout the winter.

When you think it’s time for a boiler installation in your Brazoria, TX home, contact the NATE-certified technicians at Switzerland Air.

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