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What’s Hurting Your Heater

This winter just isn’t like winters of the past. You’re already starting to notice that your heater isn’t acting the way it should. In past years, you’ve been able to get great heating service without much effort on your end. You just call for a maintenance appointment, change your heater’s filter, and things are smooth sailing.

This year you haven’t been so fortunate. That’s what’s brought you here today and we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to figure out what’s hurting your heater and we’re going to help you with the next steps. We specialize in heating in Angleton, TX. We only want you to have great service this year and all the years that follow.

What’s the Problem?

Let’s figure out what the issue is…

Choosing the Wrong Thermostat Setting

So let’s start off with your habits. Are you running your heater responsibly? You might think that you are, but there are really high chances that your heating habits aren’t the best.

Are you turning up your home’s thermostat too high? Sometimes, we have days here in Texas that are just freezing cold. If you have to be outside during a time like this, then coming home can feel like you’re relief from the chill. Just because you want to get warm quickly, doesn’t mean that you should put your heater into overdrive just to get warm. Choose a mild thermostat setting.

Closed Vents

Have you ever had those moments where you close a vent in one of the rooms in your home? Maybe you don’t spend a lot of time in this room or you just don’t need this room to be as warm as the others. While we understand the logic that would inform a decision like this, we want you to know that it’s a bad practice. Stemming the flow of your home’s venting system is bad news for your efficiency.

Neglecting Maintenance

You should maintain your home’s heater every fall season. Maintenance is like giving your heating a metaphorical stretch, pep talk, and hydrating drink before a race. If you forego this, you’re increasing the chances that your heater runs into trouble during this season. Maintenance is an investment that benefits your system.

Ignoring the Signs

The writing is on the wall. Some weird things are happening to your heater and you’ve chosen to ignore the signs because you don’t want to call for repair. We understand but we’re here to make it easy. Don’t let problems go on.

Not Knowing When to Let Go

If your heater just isn’t providing you with great service, then we want you to face the music. Sometimes, you just need to upgrade your system. We know that upgrades can cut into both your time and money. We understand that and we cater to it. We make sure that we’re not in your home for too long and that we’re not breaking the bank when it comes to your home’s heating services. We’re reliable professionals.

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