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When Is a Boiler No Longer Worth Repairing?

Boilers are some astoundingly sturdy machines, capable of operating for a great many more years than most other heating systems. Despite this longevity, however, even boilers must eventually be replaced. When is it time to replace your boiler? That depends on a few different factors. Let’s examine the signs that indicate when your boiler is no longer worth repairing, and needs to be replaced.

Repairs Get More Frequent and Expensive

As a boiler system gets older, wear and tear begins to accumulate on the various parts that make up the system. These parts degrade at different rates, which means that when your boiler gets toward the end of its life they will start to fail one after the other. Even healthy systems have an odd breakdown here or there, but if your boiler needs repairs every couple of months then you should probably replace it.

Older systems also lose the ability to have parts replaced, as those parts go out of production. This makes those parts harder to find, which makes them more expensive.

Heating Bills Rise

Heating bills are naturally going to fluctuate from month to month. However, a consistent uptick in your heating bill is a sign that your boiler is probably failing. As a boiler gets older, it begins to lose the efficiency that it once had, having to operate for longer and longer times to achieve the same heat output. This burns more fuel, which leads to higher heating bills. If you notice that your heating bill is consistently high every month, you should have your boiler checked to see if it needs replacing.


Though not as strong an indicator with boilers as it is with other heating systems, age is still a pretty good litmus test for whether or not you should replace your system. If your boiler is older than 15-20 years, have it checked. If it’s that old and experiencing a lot of problems, it’s a good idea to replace it. At that point, it’s more expensive to maintain it than to get rid of it. If it’s younger than 15 years, then you probably have a few more years of good use in it.

If you think your boiler might need replacing, set up an appointment by calling Switzerland Air. We provide professional boiler replacement service throughout Angleton, TX.

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