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Why Your Air Conditioner Is Making Weird Noises

Air-ConditionersEven if you schedule maintenance on a regular basis for your air conditioner, you should keep an eye out for signs that it’s malfunctioning between appointments. Summer puts a lot of stress on the air conditioning system, increasing the likelihood for problems to crop up over time. If you notice the signs of some sort of malfunction occurring with your air conditioning system soon enough, you will be able to have it repaired faster and prevent more damage to the system. Let’s go over one of the more common signs that your air conditioner is malfunctioning: odd noises.

Hissing and Gurgling

Hissing and gurgling sounds often mean that there are air bubbles forming in the system’s refrigerant line. This is not a good sign, as it tends to indicate a leak. The air conditioner relies on the same amount of refrigerant throughout its entire lifespan. As the refrigerant level in the system drops, the air conditioner’s ability to cool the home will drop as well. A refrigerant leak can and will cripple the entire system if given enough time, so you should call for repairs as soon as you notice fluid leaking from the system.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when the air conditioner turns off before completing a full cooling cycle, leading to an unusual on/off pattern that repeats every couple of minutes. This is often the result of an electrical malfunction in the system, though a damaged or defective compressor can also cause this issue. Short cycling prevents the air conditioner from cooling the home as well as it should, but it also accelerates the rate at which the system wears down. The longer the system short cycles, the more prone it will be to developing issues. Prolonged short cycling will shorten the lifespan of the air conditioner by a number of years, so it’s a good idea to have a professional check out your system as soon as you notice it doing this.


The air handler is the part of the air conditioner that circulates air throughout the home while the system is operating. Inside the air handler are a number of oiled bearings that are designed to reduce friction on the part. While these bearings work quite well, they do wear down over time. If you hear a grinding sound coming from your air conditioner, it means the bearings in the air handler need to be replaced. If the bearings are not replaced in time, the system will overheat and it will need to be replaced.

Generally, any kind of unusual air conditioner noises are not good to ignore. If you notice that your air conditioner is making any noises that it normally doesn’t, you should really consult with a professional to make sure it’s okay. Better safe than sorry, after all.

Switzerland Air provides a full range of air conditioning repair services in Brazoria, TX. If you need help with your air conditioning system, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional technicians.  

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