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Why Are Only Certain Parts of My Home Getting Cool?

When you live in Texas, a great air conditioning performance is much more of a necessity than a privilege. The variety of problems that you may experience with your air conditioning system, then, can quickly go from being minor inconveniences to seriously disrupting your comfort. Preventing and resolving such issues with your air conditioning in Angleton, TX is our business here at Switzerland Air Conditioning. No matter what issues you encounter with the operation of your air conditioning system, our skilled air conditioning repair technicians are here to help.

Contact us if you notice any problems at all with your AC system or its performance. Uneven cooling is one of the most common examples.

In order to properly diagnose the source of a problem with your air conditioning system, it is necessary to enlist the services of a skilled professional. When something does go wrong with your AC, in any capacity, there are generally a number of different potential causes. Damaged air ducts are one of the most common culprits. If your air ducts are torn, corroded or otherwise compromised, the stretches of ductwork supplying certain areas of your home with conditioned air may not be able to do so effectively. Not only does this reduce comfort in your home, but it can also put excessive wear and tear on your system, leading to reduced efficiency and potential operational problems.

It is also possible that your air conditioner was improperly sized by your AC installation technician. If your system is too small to thoroughly cool your entire home, there is just no way that you can expect it to keep you comfortable throughout the long, hot summers we encounter here. Do not put your comfort in jeopardy while paying more money for a weak air conditioning performance. It may be necessary to schedule an air conditioning replacement to resolve the problem, but the savings over time could help offset the initial costs.

For more potential causes of uneven cooling in your home, call Switzerland Air Conditioning today.

Our skilled Angleton, TX air conditioning technicians are here to help you enjoy the great performance you deserve from your air conditioner. Let us answer any questions you may have.

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