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Why Commercial Specialists Are Necessary for Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Your commercial air conditioning system may cool your commercial property just like any other home air conditioner, but that doesn’t mean that just any technician can repair your system when something goes wrong. You have clients, customers, tenants, or employees in your building that rely on you to provide a comfortable environment. But if you trust the job to just any AC specialist, you may not get the repairs you need to get your system back in full working order.

If you need commercial air conditioning repair in Angleton, TX, don’t leave the job up to a home air conditioning service provider. Instead, here are some reasons you should only trust a commercial specialist to repair your system.

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Are Configured Differently

Home air conditioning systems are usually split systems made up of two parts, the outside condenser unit and the indoor evaporator unit. But most commercial properties use packaged air conditioning, systems in which all of the components of the indoor unit and outdoor unit are combined into one cabinet, which is placed outside and often installed on the rooftop. If your technician is at all unfamiliar with these complex packaged units, repairs may be done incorrectly.

Furthermore, commercial systems usually have at least three times the cooling capacity of residential systems. A technician who is unfamiliar with a system this size may not be able to choose the appropriate parts for replacement or know the level of refrigerant needed to cool the space.

Commercial Properties Have Different Needs than Residential Properties

Commercial systems also take advantage of zone control so that the people in different offices, rooms, or homes can set the temperature to their liking with separate thermostats. The zone control system is installed as a set of dampers in a complex layout of ducts that some technicians may be unfamiliar with. Also, commercial systems are modular, meaning the cooling capacity can change to accommodate the changing needs of commercial properties without replacing the entire system, another feature with which some technicians may be inexperienced.

It’s always best to leave a big job to a professional. For commercial HVAC services in Angleton, TX, call the specialists at Switzerland Air today!

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