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Why Your Furnace Isn’t Providing Heat

Furnaces are generally quite reliable, providing heat to every room or zone in the home using a centralized system connected to the ducts. If your furnace won’t seem to give you the heating power you need, it may come as a surprise. However, even top-of-the-line units can run into a number of different repair needs, especially if you haven’t had a technician look at your heating system at all this season. When your furnace isn’t providing enough heat or any heat at all, any of the following causes may lead you to call a technician for professional heating repair in Lake Jackson.

  • Faulty Ignition System: In order for your furnace to heat up, the ignition system must allow for combustion to take place. Modern furnace pilots don’t need a flame lit at all times. Instead, electronic ignition kicks in when heat is needed only, but this system can fail if the proper conditions are not met. For example, if the gas burner is clogged, it won’t be able to light. Or the flame sensor—a component that detects when there is no flame present and shuts off the gas to prevent leaks—may be dirty, causing it to believe the burner is not lighting and shutting off the system shortly after ignition.
  • Safety Controls Activated: It could be the case that a potential health or safety hazard was detected by your system, which has in turn shut off for your protection. The air pressure switch may shut down the unit because gases are not venting properly, for example. Alternatively, the limit stich may shut down the furnace if the chamber has overheated.
  • Electrical Trouble: A gas furnace can still run into electrical trouble since the control board and fans can eventually malfunction. You may not feel heat because of a broken sensor, or because the blower fan motor does not have enough power to operate.

You may be able to prevent heating repair by scheduling professional maintenance every year. All in all, it’s best to call on an expert when you’re your furnace does not run properly. Call the professionals at Switzerland Air for quality heating repair in Lake Jackson.

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