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Duct Repair and Replacement

Duct Repair and Replacement in Lake Jackson, TX

Switzerland Air is proud to offer high quality duct repair in Lake Jackson, TX and duct replacement. The ducts in your home are the veins of your heating and air conditioning system—without them you wouldn’t get any heated or cooled air. Because of how much use they get it is only natural that they would eventually need repairs. If you suspect that you need duct repair in Lake Jackson, TX call Switzerland Air. We have years of experience working with all different types of duct problems. Our technicians are highly skilled and are NATE–certified. While getting professional duct repair is important, you will eventually need to replace your ducts. If your ducts are old and need lots of repairs, it could make more sense to just get duct replacement in Lake Jackson, TX. Call the friendly experts at Switzerland Air today!

Duct Repair Service in Lake Jackson, TX

Whenever you turn on your air conditioning system or your furnace your ducts immediately go to work. Throughout the year they probably get used almost every day as you either heat or cool your home. With all the use that they get it is only natural they would start to experience problems. At Switzerland Air we provide fast and reliable duct repair in Lake Jackson, TX. These are some of the more common duct problems that we see.

  • Air leaks – Air leaks are a common duct repair for homeowners throughout the Angleton, TX area. Leaks and cracks can be caused by bad installation, insects, mold and old age.
  • Unnecessary bends – If your ducts were installed incorrectly they might have unnecessary bends, turns or kinks in them. This slows down the flow of air through your ductwork and can sometimes reduce the efficiency of your system.
  • Ductwork noises – Another sign of duct problems is noisy ducts. If you hear your ductwork knocking or creaking it may have been installed improperly or it may be hitting something.
  • Duct clogs – With time, dust and other debris can start to accumulate in your ducts. This can cause inefficiencies that make your system work harder than it needs to.

How to Tell If You Need Duct Repair or Replacement

Because your ducts are often in your ceilings, it can be hard to know when you need duct repair in Lake Jackson, TX. But there are a few signs that could indicate that you need duct repair. First, if you start to notice that your heating or air conditioning bill suddenly rises for no apparent reason it could be that your ducts are leaking. Another good sign that you have a duct problem is if you notice strange smells coming from your air vents when you turn on your heater or air conditioner. It can indicate that there are insects, rodents or bacteria growing in your ducts. Strange sounds coming from your ductwork are another possible indicator of duct issues. If your ducts were installed improperly they could be making noises as they rub against another piece of your home’s frame or another HVAC component.

Benefits of Duct Replacement

If your ducts are old or if you’ve never had them inspected it might actually be a good idea to get them replaced. Old ducts are often inefficient and prone to repairs. If your house was built many years ago the insulation surrounding the ductwork could be thin or worn, both of which can also contribute to increased inefficiencies. When you get duct replacement in Lake Jackson, TX there is a good chance that you’ll be able to reduce the need for duct repairs and achieve higher efficiency from your heating and air conditioning system.

For all your duct repairs in Lake Jackson, TX and duct replacement call the experts at Switzerland Air.

Switzerland Air offers air conditioning and heating services in Lake Jackson, TX Angleton, TX, Freeport, TX and the surrounding areas.

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What Our Clients Say:

Need it immediately and your company could deliver the same day. Thank you for your promptness.

- Yvette and Floyd

Called your office late on a Thursday afternoon with an AC that wouldn’t cool. Your service man was here within an hour and got us through the weekend. New unit does very well.

- John

The old unit was installed by Russell Mechanical. We bought the old unit more than seventeen years so, and I felt that I could trust your company.

- Wilma

We had our old one installed by you and were very happy with it. We can count on you help us when our old one had problems. You were always there for us. Flipper is great. You have been just wonderful to us. You come immediately or say when and what time you will be at our house and you are there. The crew that you have do installs on new units were very professional and cleaned everything up before they left. Very nice, respectful and clean men.
Thank you.

- Domingo and Carmen

You are my air conditioning specialists. I have been satisfied with your service and professional approach to our needs. Your technicians are always considerate of our home. I plan to continue the preventative maintenance program preformed in April for AC and October for heating.

Thanks for a job well done and your follow up.

- Bob and Joyce

We had a air and heating unit that Jerry Russell installed over 18 years ago, and we were always happy with the great service. Do the same as now – always make your customers feel they are valued. We like the hometown way you do business.

- Jerry and Joyce

Have used Switzerland Air before. Known Jerry for a long time and his work.

- George

I needed a new unit and I looked for the company of Jerry Russell. I am happy to have a company I can depend on, and will tell all my friends.

- Edna

Have used your services before and have been very satisfied. Just keep up the good work!

- Olivia

S.A. kept our old one going as long as they could. When it died, we chose the obvious people for a new one. High praise for Justin. He goes above and beyond the call for duty.

- Al and Evelyn

Due to the excellent communication and response I’ve always received from your company, I have no comments on how to better serve. Just keep up the good work you now do.

- Keith

You all are familiar with our equipment and have always done a great job in a timely manner.

- The Recreation Center

Jerry was so helpful with all our needs in more ways than imaginable. I wanted to hug him upon departing the first evening we met. He may be in the wrong profession and should consider becoming a counselor so I may call him for further sessions. All parties involved were nothing more than professional. Thank you again.

- Lura and Carrick

We have known Jerry and Janice Russell for a long time and we trust them.
Thanks Jerry and Janice!

- Randy

Locally owned. Been using SA for service For a while, using Justin as service tech. Trustworthy and knowledgeable. Always call before at-home contacts.

- Mike and Judy

We have known Justin as long as he has worked for Switzerland and we trust him. He is courteous and kind and we enjoy him working on our units. When I have a problem, just keep Justin coming to do the work that is needed.

- Pauline

The price was right. Good Job.

- Richard

He was very knowledgeable and very kind.

- Sherry and Keith

We’ve been associated with Switzerland Air for many years, and are very satisfied with you.

- Wilber

Recommended by my father, James, a local Sweeny business. Timely and efficient service on previous call for service. Justin is friendly and professional.

- James

You have always done a great job.

- Affordable Storage

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